The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor

2501 Alternate 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34683


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The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor has done so much more than heal little Chloe.  You have inspired me with a renewed sense of faith.  Your care and compassion has truly made me a believer in modern day miracles.  Every day until Chloe is an old lady cat, and until I am old as well, I will forever hold this experience in my heart.  Words can't even come close to properly expressing my love and gratitude for all involved in the care Chloe has been blessed with.  Now I truly believe cats have "nine lives." - Melissa O.


I just want to thank Dr. Marrazzo and Randi for the wonderful and loving care they gave while I had Heather put to rest. The office also sent me and my daughter a lovely sympathy card with a personal message from Dr. Marrazzo. My daughter had a very difficult time grieving the loss of Heather. She would not sleep in her room for weeks. Even the other kids (cats) were missing their sister. We are all doing better and just wanted to thank everyone at the Cat Hospital for always being so kind and caring. Again thank you so much. - Kathy C.


Thank you so much for saving my girl.  If I hadn't found you, I don't think she would be with me now.  She's back to her old self...When I see her sprawled out sleeping, I am so thankful.  Even at 16 years old, I think she still has some good years to go.  Thanks also to your great staff. - Kathy W.


Thank you, Dr. Avok and all staff, for helping the sick neighborhood feral "Sleepy."  His skin and fur have improved tremendously; he's getting back to his handsome panther-like look.  Endless thank yous to all who brought him back to life that day when he went into cardiac arrest.  How very scary, but you saved the day!  I can't even think about the alternative if things didn't go well.  And I don't have to, thanks to your life-saving skills and dedication.       - Becky Z.

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My husband and I would like to thank all of you again for your wonderful care of our cat Claris. As we now approach the year mark of when we came close to losing him and the outlook was bleak, I can say that he is doing very well and quite content in his new Australian home. We have had some hiccups along the way with adjusting insulin but thankfully he is strong and happy. He is playing so much now that we are beginning to think that we may ned to enroll him in a 12 step program for string addiction. You were all so wonderful and we will never forget all you have done for us. Thank you again for helping our little man. - Kelly W.