The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor

2501 Alternate 19 N
Palm Harbor, FL 34683



Rest easily when you need to be away. The Cat Hospital at Palm Harbor will care for your cat in our quiet, low stress, cats only Cat Nap Inn. Our well-trained feline veterinary technicians take great pride in providing all of our guests with a comfortable experience. We excel in caring for "special needs" cats, including diabetic cats and kidney patients.

A Townhouse With a View - Your Cat's Accommodations

Our exclusive suites and townhouses, which are four to six-level rooms with a view, offer between 14 and 28 square feet of space for kitties to play and move around, which is equivalent to up to a 4' x 7' room!

The steps throughout the townhouses make it easy for kittens and older cats to maneuver from level to level. The litter box area is on the lower level of the townhouse and has a built-in ventilation system to pull out odors and constantly replenish the townhouse with fresh air. The second level hide-away keeps the litter box within reach while maintaining privacy. Kitties can hide here while being able to pop their heads up to see what's going on outside, too! There are three main levels where the kitty can eat or nap in the sun, as each townhouse has a window view of the outside world. The upper (sixth) level gives cats a birds-eye view of their surroundings.

The Cat Nap Inn suites and townhouses make an incredible difference in kitty's attitude, as they don't feel bored or strictly confined, like they may feel in small cages. Instead, they have the freedom to move around and stretch their legs.

In-Room Entertainment

Kitty guests tend to spend the day interacting with our cat-friendly staff, looking out the windows, and relaxing while catching some warm rays. The Cat Nap Inn room is our staff's favorite room, so we visit with our guests throughout each day.

What to Bring at Check-In

We encourage you to bring safe toys (please, no long strings) and blankets with your kitty, so they feel like they have a bit of home with them during their stay. Your cat will thank you for reserving a Cat Nap Inn suite or townhouse while you're away!

Room Service and Nutrition

We provide our guests with fresh water and two to three meals a day, depending on their individual needs. We provide Science Diet to all of our guests. If your cat is on a special diet, or you just prefer not to change the diet, just bring their food with you and we will be happy to offer this instead.


All suites and townhouses are cleaned and litter boxes scooped at least three times daily. All boarding areas are thoroughly disinfected after each cat's departure to prevent the spread of illness.

Pre-Boarding Needs

As with all of our guests that stay at our hospital, all cats must be free of external parasites, such as fleas and ticks.  We require this for the health and safety of both patients in the hospital, as well as our staff. You can rest assured knowing that other kitties staying at our hospital are  free of external parasites, so your kitty will not come home with any unwelcome problems.

Medication/Hospital Services

We offer medication services, including oral, topical and injectable medication for those visitors who require it. Please note that all medications must be brought in the original container with a legible label. Our trained technicians will closely monitor and care for your cat daily. We monitor general behavior to ensure your cat is happy and comfortable. We also monitor appetite and litter box habits and weigh each cat every 3 days to check for subtle changes in weight. You have the comfort of knowing that a veterinarian can care for your cat if problems arise while you are away.

A Boarding Stay Can Also Be a Great Time For An Exam, Grooming, or Other Procedures!

If the time has come to schedule an examination, dental cleaning, nail trim or even a bath or grooming, you don't have to wait! Our staff is happy to accommodate your needs during their boarding stay.


The boarding suite, along with the entire hospital is equipped with a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day by an off-site security company.

Reservation & Rates

In order to better prepare for your cat's stay, we have a check-in/check-out policy. Please notify our staff of your anticipated check-in/check-out times when making your reservation, so we can more accurately book their stay.

To ensure sufficient space for your cat's stay, reservations are highly recommended. They are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to make your reservations early! Feel free to come on in for a tour of the boarding facility. You have to see it to believe it!